eBooks by David Stahler Jr.

eBooks for all and forever!

My entire backlist is now available in electronic form. Four titles that previously only existed in various print editions–The Truesight Trilogy and A Gathering of Shades–are now available to readers in digital form, along with a middle grade contemporary fantasy, I Wish I May.

You can purchase these eBooks in virtually any format to be read on virtually any kind of device–from Kindles to Nooks to iPads to your shiny new smartphone–all for not much more than the price of a good cup of coffee. In fact, you can even read the first 20% for free by visiting my homepage at Smashwords. To get your copies today from your favorite online retailer, click below:

Amazon              Barnes & Noble               Kobo

For those of you with iPhones, iPads, etc. who wish to purchase directly from the Apple bookstore, simply use the iTunes/iBooks app on your device.

Thanks, everyone! In the meantime, check out the new covers, courtesy of Phatpuppy Art out of Los Angeles!

Click on any of the above images for a high-res download.